InstallerPro Features

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Putting you in complete control of your business

InstallerPro is the product of over a decade of creating specialist business solutions for service companies here in the UK. We are now bringing all of that experience to you in the Fire & Security Industry.

InstallerPro Features - Client & Supplier Database

Client & supplier database

InstallerPro helps you stay 100% on top of your client information all the time. Our Dynamic Data Collection system (DDC) captures data not just at the start when you set the client up, but every time you or your engineers update information. Changes and updates are automatically collected and stored. InstallerPro pushes that data back out to your team exactly where and when it’s needed.

InstallerPro - Record Enquiries Instantly

Record enquiries instantly

InstallerPro’s Job Wizard allows you to create a new enquiry in moments. You can set up entire new jobs or contracts in just a few minutes using our super helpful wizards which take you quickly and efficiently through the set-up process. Our system is designed to make sure that the right information gets collected every single time.

InstallerPro - Product and Manage Quotes
Produce & manage quotes

Once you have set up your enquiry with the Job Wizard you are taken to the quotation screen. Here you can complete more details and then proceed to create a quotation. You can make notes and pin documents, spreadsheets, images, and PDF to keep a complete record of the build-up of the job all in one place.

The creation and authorisation of quotations are separated so that you as a business owner can review, amend, or approve details and prices before they go out to your client.

InstallerPro - Convert Quotes To Live Jobs
Convert quotes to live jobs

This is the stage when the client says yes, and it means that you can start to plan and commit time and resources to the job or contract.

By approving the job your team will now have a range of options available to them including scheduling, allocation engineers, buying parts, and creating engineer instructions. By separating the approval process, we make sure that you only commit funds and resources when they are needed. You are in control.

InstallerPro - Senior Management KPIs

Senior management KPIs

This is an incredibly useful summary of business activity means that you can see how your business is working at a glance. This is unashamedly designed for the management of the business. It’s a window looking down into all of the key business activities and is a live status of all activities in a simple overview. No pointless charts, just where are we, what do we need to do.

InstallerPro - Schedule Annual Contracts

Schedule annual contracts

Using our Contract Wizard you can set up contracts quickly and efficiently. Set up multiple disciplines, sites, and frequencies, monitored status all-in-one procedure and InstallerPro will put them all into an annual schedule for you.

It then sets up your invoicing plan for the whole year. Once set up the contract automatically makes sure that your engineers get the right check sheets for every visit.

InstallerPro - Industry Standard Compliance
Industry standard compliance

InstallerPro offers excellent levels of compliance for reporting and record-keeping required for approval to authorised bodies (SSAIB & NSI Gold. Our reporting is compliant with BS 9263 and we have integrated data capture required for key measurables such as False Alarm reporting, Response Times, & Annual Maintenance Performance.

InstallerPro also collects the information entered by your Field Engineer and compiles it into a professionally presented report compliant with BS 9263: 2016 with your logo at the top. This report can be automatically emailed to the client or held at your office for release.

InstallerPro - Seamless Invoicing Integration
Seamless invoicing integration

InstallerPro comes with a full invoicing suite that automatically creates and schedules invoices for your clients. All invoices are prepared in advance at the time of the contract set up. All you have to do is release them for payment and follow them in as they are paid.

InstallerPro - Schedule Jobs For Engineers

Schedule jobs for engineers

Engineer Allocation sits Inside the Master Calendar. This is where you decide which of your engineers is going to undertake the fieldwork. Once you allocate an engineer the job automatically appears in their work schedule on their Engineer Portal along with everything they need to know about the job.

You can assign supporting staff, change allocations, reschedule, or change the order of jobs for any engineer even on the day.

Maintain engineers diary

Our Engineer Portal is so much more than just a job list. With InstallerPro Your engineers can see their up and coming jobs, access valuable site data, and even see previous engineers’ comments. You can embed links and data so your engineers have access to everything they need.

They can even communicate with anyone inside the company in real-time using our unique I Mail System. The call-out facility provides a fantastic response tool with search facilities, live maps, verbal advice, and follow-up actions.

InstallerPro Features - View Live Job Status
View live job status

InstallerPro records the exact status of every job in real-time. The whole system synchronises every few seconds so that wherever you are, at your office, or on the move you can see exactly where every job and engineer is.

InstallerPro - Oversee Subcontractors
Oversee subcontractors

As an additional feature, InstallerPro allows you to use subcontractors inside your own management system. By adding this function you can allocate jobs to your contractor as if they were one of your own engineers making your service delivery seamless in every situation.

InstallerPro - Manage Purchase Orders

Manage purchase orders

InstallerPro has a full Purchase Order system linked to the onboard supplier database. You can buy designated stock for jobs or buy for pool or van stock. Once purchased you can follow goods into completion and the system maintains traceability of designated parts to each installation so you can deal with supplier warranty problems.

InstallerPro - Email Reports To Clients

Email reports to clients

Each time your engineer completes each job InstallerPro creates an email with a download link so your client can access the engineers’ report. You can choose to have automatic mailing directly to the client as the job is completed or have them mailed from your head office so you can review them first. You can forward reports from Head office at the touch of a button should you need to.

InstallerPro even ties into the mobile device auto spell checker.

InstallerPro Features - Create Callouts Instantly
Create callouts instantly

Create callouts from the office or the engineer’s portal instantly at the touch of a button

InstallerPro Features - Remedials & Returns
Remedials & returns

Book remedial and return visits directly from the engineer’s portal. Engineers can create return visits with notes for the office to follow up and book a return or quote additional works.